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Grain’s James Minola and Chelsea Green tell us how they start their days

By Laura Cassidy June 8, 2010

Urban surfers: Grain’s James Minola and Chelsea Green

You’ve seen the local design collective Grain on this blog before; now here are the blogs and websites that help inspire and inform the things they make and do.

From Chelsea Green:

The Selby
The thing that makes gawking at residential interiors so addictive to me is getting a glimpse of how people really live. Todd Selby takes amazingly revealing photographs of creatives in their habitat.

Sight Unseen
Brought to us by the former editors of I.D. Magazine (R.I.P.), Sight Unseen "uncovers the stories, inspirations, and obsessions of people who love to make things".

When I was in grad school I had the eye-opening experience of attending this annual conference in Camden, Maine and my brain has never been the same. They generously share all their content online and I make an effort to keep up.

Design Mind
Frog Design’s in-house magazine always has something that makes me rethink the crossovers between design, business, and technology.

James’ favorite links:

Ted Talks
Is TV making you dumber? Try watching a Ted talk and you might just learn something, get inspired, or both. I know I always feel better after rubbing up against someone smart (digitally of course).

Two Birds Fly
If your canvas is an ocean, then Two Birds Fly could be for you. Take a moment to breathe in the lifestyle, art, and surfable sculptures on this little blog. If you like what you see, be sure not to miss the links bar on the side of the page.

SpaceInvading’s well-curated posts on contemporary architecture are definitely worth a look, and we applaud their image-based approach.

Okay, so it’s not a blog, but it’s still a great place to get inspired and dream about all the things you’d make if you had more time.

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