On-demand bike lockers at University of Washington station. 

Raise your helmet if this has ever happened to you: You bike to the light rail in the rain, tap on, look up, and see you only have six minutes until the train departs. You debate locking your bike outside to get wet and rusty, or worse, stolen.

You could awkwardly hoist it down multiple flights of stairs, or wait for the slowest elevator on earth and hope there's enough room for you and your steed. The train is now departing in four minutes. 

You press the elevator button, but it ignores you. Then, there's not enough room in the car. You haul your bike down the three flights of stairs, expecting to see a platform full of people still waiting to board.  Instead, it's empty. The train has already left the station.

Turns out, there are more and more of you suckers out there. But you’re in for a treat: Sound Transit’s grand, three-year plan to install 900 bike lockers has been set in motion just in time for Seattle Squeeze 2.0.

And these things are a far cry from the leased lockers of stations past. The new on-demand storage spots, which are available 24 hours per day (just like your favorite streaming service!), are first-come, first-serve, and can be rented for five cents an hour with the purchase of a $20 Bikelink card

According to Sound Transit public information officer John Gallagher, there are already 34 of these lockers at Rainier Beach station, 60 at University of Washington, and 30 at SoDo, with upcoming plans for Edmonds station and the Mercer Island Park and Ride. 

You know what? If you’ve ever had a well-meaning cyclist scrape your ankles with their pedals on a packed light-rail car, raise their helmet. This one’s for you.

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