Belt It

Betty Lin wants you to get more life out of your favorite cardigans and cropped slacks

By Laura Cassidy June 22, 2010

Betty Lin is stocked with great ideas and plenty of urban, hippie-luxe accessories by Chan Luu

Outfit fatigue. It’s a killer. Your such-and-such skirt and the tunic you got for nearly nothing and the jacket your best friend left after the last dinner party … the things that you used to make you so happy have started to seem dull and played-out. You’re pretty sure you could belt, bootie, or bangle some life into them, but it’d be easier – and more fun – if you had an accomplice or two.

Enter Betty Lin.

No, really, enter – walk inside – on June 24 and 25 during regular business hours and you’ll find just that. The style staff at the Second Ave shop (led by Ms. Lin herself, who gave me these extra details) brought in " extra special pieces from various designers such as Erickson Beamon, Lulu Frost, and Chan Luu to boost our accessories offering for this event. "

‘We hope customers will come in with clothing items from their closet for us to work with,’ Lin continues, ‘or simply visit us to get inspired to personalize their outfits with unique accessories.’

You probably know that the deal at Betty Lin is that unsold past-season pieces from the best department stores and boutiques around the country are curated by the crafty shopkeep and sold to you at 60 percent off retail. Their belts, baubles, and extra bits, on the other hand, are not past-season but rather totally current. You may take this as evidence that these gals know a thing or two about updating great ideas with trends that just started ten minutes ago.

And you may take that as a recommendation to get yourself there soon.

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