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Do them a favor: Townsend Bay Soaps

By Laura Cassidy May 12, 2010


With wedding season about to march down the aisle, many of you are in the T minus X days zone, meaning the Big Event is drawing near and every waking moment is about crossing off final chores and duties and making last minute acquisitions. To help, we’re going to throw lots of deals, details, and specifics your way this spring and summer. Today: a pitch perfect, cleanly designed favor for Northwest-y celebrations.

The folks at Townsend Bay Soap Company are carrying on a generations-old tradition home-making small-batch house goods. The great thing about their handcrafted, all-natural, totally-elegant-but-perfectly-simple, wonderful smelling Woods of Washington soap is that hip, mindful, DIY twenty-somethings will appreciate it as much as wise older folks will. And as much as visitors to our peaceable kingdom will be psyched to carry a piece of our evergreens home with them, lifers like us appreciate the home-grown sentiment as well.

I first encountered the soaps at Field House; they are also carried at Blackbird. Check out this write-up of the company on that shop’s blog.

While I happen to think that the Woods of Washington would make a perfect guest gift, I’d be remiss not to mention that Townsend Bay also offers a Townsend Bay Rum soap. Serving mojitos at your reception? So perfect. There are actually about twenty different soaps in Townsend Bay’s arsenal; maybe Sea Mist or or Blue Sage works better for your big day.

Keep in mind that these little guys are made by hand and it may be difficult to source 200 or so of any one variety. Sometimes, even in the final hours, you’ll have to plan ahead.

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