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Moms, Part II

More moms, more gifts.

By Laura Cassidy April 30, 2010

DenHaus dog pads: Picture your mom, and her dog, and their pristine kitchen, here.

Welcome back. Yesterday’s post covered Moms 1 – 5; we continue today with five more. Find the archetype that best fits the mamas you love and have fun shopping for them this weekend, and spoiling them the following one.

6. The Dog’s Best Friend I don’t have the science on this, but it seems to me that more and more moms have dogs. Dads get the cats, moms take the Germans and the Labs and the Scotties and everything else. Bellevue’s DenHaus makes indoor dog huts that double as end tables that double as sleek, modern decor pieces. The canine condos have a smaller footprint than those sometimes-unsanitary-seeming pillow/bed ordeals, and they’re no eye sore — unlike some crates we know. (Or, all crates we know.)

7. Chocolate-covered Mom Okay what mom doesn’t love chocolate? I haven’t met her. Did you meet Mandy Aftel when she visited Essenza last week? As part of her visit to Seattle, the expert o’ the senses created a four-piece sweet set with the Theo Chocolates folks that pairs rich ganache with flavors like blood orange, ginger, and jasmine. The gorgeously low-key chocolate box is available in limited quantities at Theo’s retail shop as well as at Essenza.

8. Bail-Out Mom If you’ve been calling on Dear Old Ma to float you a little cash here and there for phone bills and Friday nights, I’m going to suggest not dropping big bucks (that you clearly don’t have) on her, and instead planning a day of experiences and adventures that don’t cost a thing. Tell her you’re working hard to be a more financially responsible person and anyway, who can put a price tag on hanging out and having a good time? One of my favorite free things in all of Seattle is the Frye Art Museum. Even the parking lot across the street is gratis. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, take sporty moms on a supernatural Northwest adventure, or check out some of the freebies in our 26 Saturdays feature; Seward Park nearby animal rescue farms, inspiring community gardens, and a Zen-ful labyrinth provide scratch-free good, and good-for-you, times.

9. The Single Foodie That Kathryn Robinson, huh? Check out her list of Mother’s Day eatery picks. Quite a spin. Our esteemed restaurant critic imagines a gastro-mum who loves nothing as much as a fawning chef. Not even a foie gras terrine.

10. You Don’t Bring Her Flowers Anymore It’s easy to over-think gifting in general, and it’s easy to think flowers are just too easy. They’re not. When you take care to pick out, create, or help create an arrangement that’s truly special (don’t even think of dialing those 1-800 people), the experience feels simple, sweet, and classic in really wonderful way. I love Marigold and Mint and Fleurt, two new shops I wrote about earlier this week, or, try the talented arrangers we spotlighted one fine Valentine’s Day month, some of our favorite plant shops, or any among Seattle’s talented weddings and event florists. Should I remind you that you’re not the only one calling upon calla lillies, peonies, and posies and you better not wait til the last minute? Nah, you already thought of that.

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