Here’s hoping that two weeks from today you’ll wake up with a perfectly wonderful love hangover. If that worthy goal is yours, better get to work now on making it so. Your first Wear What When Sweet Suggestion: Sweet Petula’s soaps.

Down in Pioneer Square, and over on Etsy, Cory Smith’s shop is a cozy boudoir drawer full of Egyptian musk, vanilla, lemon verbena, pink grapefruit, cedar, and myrrh. Smith crafts soaps, candles, bath salts, lip tints, and other lovely things in her studio just beyond the shop and then accesses some centuries old spirit to help her wrap these things in old French postcards and apothecary prints.

It’s gorgeous stuff.

I love what she says about her Bonjour Monsieur shea butter soap, pictured here: “When I meet the man that smells like this….I’m going to walk up to him and say, "Bonjour Monsieur!”

I don’t want to speak for Smith, but I don’t imagine she’d mind if you borrowed her line. Just order some soaps first.

There’s a shea soap for friends and mademoiselles as well; visit the shop to put together an assortment of feel-good sweet somethings for someone you love, or go through Etsy and have Smith create one for you.

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