Whenever I see forlorn, ragamuffin LA celebrity types in Current Elliott jeans, I think of locally based stylist Tiffany Wendel. In this case, I’m just not sure she’d endorse the dog-as-extra-carry-on-bag thing.

Remember Tiffany Wendel, the Seattle-by-way-of-LA personal stylist who let us into her adorable closet so we could check out her modified leather pants and studded oxfords?

Well, she’s offering $25 bucks off on any service — closet consultation (that’s polite-speak for dump run organization, let’s be honest), personal styling for events, men’s style makeovers (hopefully makeunders are available too), denim doctoring (you stay home, she deals with which pair will make your butt look just right), and more — through the month of February.

As for that $25 you’re saving, you can spend it on whatever spring item Ms. Wendel says is a must.

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