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The Collector’s Collection

A look at the Stella Love collection by recent Style Counsel star Maresa Patterson.

By Laura Cassidy February 23, 2010


You read the fine print at the bottom of February’s Style Counsel page, and you’ve been waiting for a look at Maresa Patterson’s premier Stella Love collection. Well here it is.

The collection is at Jack Straw, where women’s wear is a brand new addition.

Toward the back of the shop, which feels like a vintage American folk song hummed on a modern side street in Antwerp, the hard-to-find Sofie D’Hoore line and those gorgeous Dries Van Noten tribal mash-up pieces hang alongside Patterson’s locally designed, locally and impeccably made midcentury influenced dresses and one perfect, ready-for-the-prairie (or the port) plaid coat.

Preview them here then get to Jack Straw to see them in person.

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