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Sweet Suggestion #4: It’s V Day

Get your orders in now for Valentine’s Day flowers

February 8, 2010

For some, the best route to an unbroken heart involves ordering flowers, having those flowers delivered, and then waiting patiently with an aw-shucks, honey-for-you-I-would-even-order-pizza smile.

Lots of our favorite local florists have specials running on their blogs and sites, and there are plenty of sample arrangements to browse. For example, here’s what Juniper Flowers is calling their Valentine’s Day menu, and I noticed that Willow and Bloom has some gorgeous stuff on offer as well.

Potentially, you can call in your sweetheart’s bouquet and get your Valentine’s Day shopping done without getting up off the couch. Unless you are not presently on the couch. You know what I mean.

My suggestion is to consider today V Day. That is: Get it done now. You’ll feel good about getting your order in, and designers will feel good about getting their build-and-deliver strategies together.

For florist ideas, please see this Cornershop page from our archives, wherein we considered designers with a not-strictly-traditional approach to the red, red rose. (Spoiler alert: Yep, their work still smells as sweet.)

And, even if you’re courting a DIY approach (say, the flower vendors at Pike Place Market or a couple branches from your early-bird cherry tree), keep in mind our perspective on vases. In a nutshell: We’re not fans of the cheap, practically disposable kind.

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