As far as helpful hints go, what better way to say, “Hey, I’d really like to get under the covers with you” than a rich, vivid, beautiful blanket.

The folks at Blackbird and their sibling shop Field House have an affinity for American and Northwest products, and they’re in love with (as are others in the fashion world) the Oregon-based heritage brand Pendleton.

Couldn’t you be in love with — or under — Pendleton’s Fremont blanket?

All the gorgeously historical and timeless Pendleton pieces in the Blackbird collection (or for that matter at the Downtown Pendleton store) — can be seen as the anti-lingerie. Not that there’s anything wrong with lingerie, but skimpy and strappy doesn’t work for everyone.

If cozy, warming, and private is your idea of sexy, well, you know what to do next.