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This Just In: Rubber Soul

Handmade rain boots from Denmark at Lambs Ear

November 9, 2009

Ilse Jacobsen rubber boots at Lambs Ear

This season, let’s pledge to borrow that Norwegian saying, “There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing.” Must be a Scandinavian thing, really; just south of Norway, the Danes are making super-stylish cotton-fleece lined stay-dry natural rubber boots. Seattle’s supply just arrived at Lambs Ear in Fremont.

Who and what was it that made puddle jumpers so chic and where were they in fourth grade when dressing for the weather was cruel and unusual punishment? I’ve always kind of credited the look to that short story collection that everyone was reading several years ago.

At any rate, the laces on these Ilse Jacobsen puddle jumpers give them a tough and super current Doc Marten look, and the available colors – gray, navy, army green, or black – match the mood of our short days and long nights.


A jacket to go with? Try these ones at Tuuli at Pike Place Market.

More looks for November here, in this month’s Spree.

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