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Their Favorite Things: Downtown’s Far 4

Super sunglasses by RetroSuperFuture

September 28, 2009


If you’ve spotted a super stylish Seattleite sporting vaguely Ray Ban-esque shades and taking the look from retro to superfuture, he or she — coulda been a tightly threaded luxe hip hop type, coulda been the society type in Prada booties — was probably in Super shades by RetroSuperFuture from Far 4.

The Klimenkoff family loves these things – with good reason. Italian engineered, and built by hand with Zeiss lenses, they’re designer sunglasses without the flash. And they integrate surprisingly well with the shop’s handpainted European and Russian porcelain and delicately gorgeous local glass (check out the brand new DeCicio collection by Greg Clark) art.

Endorsed by petulant beauties (hi Sienna) and anger management patients (oh, Kanye) Supers come in various shapes and colors, making them feel one of a kind. You can cruise Far 4’s current stock in the slideshow here before you set off to see the real thing in person.

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