Have you noticed? The skeleton key is the new bird. I mean, in terms of popular motifs. Whether silkscreened on hoodies or hanging from the end of an extra-long chain, keys are kind of everywhere right now—-just as birds have been for the past four or five years. In the last few days I’ve seen the key motif at Velouria, Far 4, Nordstrom, and Lucca Great Finds

Why the bird? Why the key? Why any of these things, my friends? Ours is not to question why, ours is to rock the look with long, belted cardigans, boxy organic cotton tees, and white ribbed men’s tank tops (please stop referring to them in terms of domestic abuse; it’s classless and tasteless).

Still, if I had to point to the trendsetter, I’d point at Tiffany and Co.’s spring-blue windows and their recently unveiled collection of gold, silver, and platinum keys crafted from antique specimens.

And speaking of rocking the look: The folks at Tiffany in Pacific Place have invited me to come down this Saturday April 18 from 11a.m. to 12:30 to chat with customers, clients, and just-lookers about layering these gorgeous pieces over cashmere sweaters, displaying a diamond-studded one just below your neck, and placing an extra-exquisite platinum version on a long, long, long chain and wearing it with a perfect little black dress.

In other words, Tiffany is holding a mini-styling lab and I have the pleasure and honor of helping out.

And we’d love to see you there. Stop by after brunch, on your way to the matinee, or as you’re out there scoring spring sandals and soaking in the sun.

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