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Working for the Weekend-ish

Already? Yes, already.

April 27, 2009

It’s never too early to start looking forward to the weekend—ish. I say “ish” because I want to let you know about Society Co.’s zine release party and poster show on Thursday. In spring and summer, Thursdays are basically Fridays, which means Monday might as well be Tuesday. Which is just about mid-week. So it’s perfectly fine to start discussing what’s going down after all this 9 to 5 business is behind us. Right?

Society Co. is designer Jason Faulkner with the back-up of Ty Ziskis. Faulkner’s design aesthetic will be familiar to fans of Lamb’s Ear Shoes (he’s responsible for the shop’s supermodern, cave-like look); those of you who shop, or have shopped, at Blackbird and/or Totokaelo already know Ziskis’s friendly, laid-back ease.

The show, the Co.’s first at their new public showroom in Ballard, is titled Bad Ideas and features the work of a dozen or so bleeding edge, new and established poster and print designers (Carlos Ruiz, Art Chantry, Keith Whiteman, Jeff Kleinsmith, Isabel Yasui, Nat Damm, more). And live music. And tee-shirts.

Festivities begin at 8pm on Thurs and then, you know, continue. Society Co. is at 2221 NW 56th St, Suite 203. Look sharp.

Oh, and yes, you’re correct: the 30th is also the FACE fashion show. Something for everyone — and stylish overachievers with creative time-management skills can definitely make appearances at both shows. Ample opportunities for seeing and being seen abound.

[Poster art image borrowed from Society Co.’s blog]

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