About Face

A conversation with makeup artist Suresh Seneviratne.

By Laura Cassidy March 19, 2009 Published in the April 2009 issue of Seattle Met

You do makeup for fashion and private clients, and your company, Suresh Beauty, launched GlossLuxe, a line of eco-conscious and otherwise conflict-free glosses in sheer, sparkly colors. What lip color are you loving for spring? Sheer, berry-tone glosses give a bitten-lip look. Spring is about waking up from the dull winter weather, so keep it sheer, soft, and fresh.

We’re all feeling a little thrifty these days. Any easy, inexpensive makeup tricks to jump-start the season? Try navy or evergreen mascara—it does wonders for the eyes. Or experiment with using a soft pink or coral tone lipstick as a cream blush—it’s very moisturizing on the skin and imparts a beautiful glow.

Your own glowing skin is quite an endorsement. What can men do to put their best face forward? Keep a lip balm with you at all times—no one likes to see dry, chapped, peeling lips.

There’s been a huge boom in male grooming products; what do you think of dudes in eyeliner? You know, like Mr. Ashlee Simpson and his kohl-rimmed peepers. Eyeliner and mascara on men can be daring, especially for fairer complexions, so I say leave it to the rock stars. However, I am a big fan of cover-up or shine-eliminating products when matched correctly to the skin. There’s no reason for men to walk around with embarrassing blemishes or shiny foreheads.

You have an easy, uniformlike approach to style. How did that develop? Clothes make the man, but I don’t want to stand in front of my dresser for an hour deciding what to wear. Black, gray, and white are easy to coordinate, easy to wear, easy to pack. Along with my trusty Levi’s, my staples are vests, sweaters and blazers in black and gray, an army of white and black shirts, and a collection of black ties and bow ties.

And canvas belts and sneakers. Your leather-free look also reflects your stance on animal rights. I am committed to cruelty-free brands and products. No animal should have to pay a price to create beauty.

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