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Outfit Recycling

January 12, 2009

What’s your take on outfit recycling? What I mean is, when you feel like you’ve made a genius combo of skirt, top, shoes, and accessories or what-have-you, do you then wear that ensemble into the ground (when I was living in New York in my twenties we called these repeated ensembles "outfit #1"s; indicating that they had a certain stability and could be counted on if nothing better was dreamt up), or do you feel like you’ve got a one-night-stand with each great outfit?

I have one friend who subscribes to the one-night-stand theory; she really won’t wear the same thing, in the same way, twice. Then I have another who said to me, "Oh no, it’s so French — just wear it again and again, two or three days in a row… who cares!?," when I brought this fashion puzzle to her.

The reason I ask is that I am wearing today, to work, the same thing I had on last night, at a show at Neumo’s (pictured here). Normally I wouldn’t do this—something very vain in me somehow thinks that I shouldn’t. Particularly because my friend and co-worker Andrew was at the same show last night—he saw me wearing my striped and shrunken military-button jacket with a vintage Wrangler denim vest and this odd paisley 60s dress over leggings and trusty, trusty Frye boots. But you see, I woke up a little late, and glanced at my calendar and realized I have an after-work engagement. With no time to formulate something new and appropriate (I had been thinking Monday Casual: jeans, a sweater, ankle boots), I went with what was draped across the chair in my bedroom—and sent Andrew an email telling him to keep my secret safe.

So tell me, how ridiculous—or reasonable—am I being?

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