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Turning Point Strategic Advisors

Presented by Turning Point Strategic Advisors May 26, 2023

Founded in 2009 in Seattle, WA, we have worked with over 500 companies on the West Coast, offering financial advisory and executive search services to businesses ranging from startups to $200 million companies across a variety of industries. We use financial expertise to advance businesses so companies, and their owners, can thrive. We do this by facilitating improved cash flow, increased profitability and increased value.

Our team partners with yours to build the bridge between your current state and future vision by delivering financial clarity, operational stability and strategic guidance for your organization. We differentiate ourselves by employing a full-time team of Controllers, Analysts, CFOs, and Talent Acquisition Specialists, which gives us the ability to deploy a hyper-specialized approach to each engagement.

Our impact is the Turning Point for transformation. Give us a call at 425-531-1127 or send us an inquiry online at turning-point.com if you have questions about how we may be able to help your business thrive. 

How we help:

Timely & accurate financial statement reporting

Future-focused financial modeling; cash planning

Restructuring and Turnaround planning and implementation

Capital Advisory: Senior and subordinated debt; equity infusions

Buy-side and sell-side due diligence

Bankruptcy & CRO Engagements

Executive search for talent placements

“At Efinancial, we were a fast-growing life insurance distribution company. We quickly needed to align our growth with financial and operational processes that would support us during this time. Turning Point’s team quickly evaluated our reporting systems and metrics to help gain insight into our business,”

– Michael Rowell, eFinancial’s CEO


 509 Olive Way, Ste 305, Seattle, WA, 98101

turning-point.com  |  425-531-1127

PHOTO CAPTION:  Leadership team (L to R):  Lucas Kartic, Alan Chaffee, Eric Camm; Not pictured: Kristina Angel, Jamie Barnes, Nabil Istafanous, Brad Mansker and Julie Stead

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