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Dr. Sara Cassidy | Green Lake Orthodontics

Presented by Green Lake Orthodontics May 26, 2023

When Dr. Sara Cassidy and her tech industry husband started the boutique Green Lake Orthodontics 8 years ago, they had a single obsession.  “We wanted to deliver a totally different experience.  From the design of the office to the way we thought about customer service, we wanted to shake things up.” explains Dr. Cassidy.

The outcome of that obsession is immediately apparent. Before setting foot in the office, patients can request a complimentary virtual consultation that makes their first visit educational, efficient, and free of financial surprises. 

The jewel box of an office sits across the street from Olmstead-designed Green Lake park making a pre or post visit stroll a near requirement.  A tight-knit, smiling staff greets patients and - pandemic allowing - offer bubbly water, espresso, and fully loaded Kindles upon arrival.  The team runs a tight ship, so there’s very little waiting.

During treatment, patients can participate in a fitness-based rewards program, use virtual check-ins to reduce office visits, and take advantage of acceleration technologies that minimize treatment time. “Some folks love the social connection of coming into the office while others are looking for quality & efficiency. We obsess about quality while keeping it fun so we can over-deliver for both sets of patients.” says Dr. Cassidy.

The end result is a technology-forward but decidedly human approach to treatment that minimizes time in office but maximizes fun when a visit is required.  Dr. Cassidy’s unique approach has established her as one of Seattle’s Top Invisalign providers. For the last two years she has been a member of Invisalign’s most elite tier of providers - Top 1% Diamond Plus.  Dr. Cassidy has been voted a Seattle Met Top Orthodontist for the last six years.  For patients considering orthodontic treatment, Green Lake Orthodontics should be at the top of their list.



 7900 E. Green Lake Drive N. Suite 214, Seattle, WA 98103

[email protected]  |  206-607-8833

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