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The Face of Cannabis

Buddy's Pot Shop and Buddy's Goodies and Glass.

Presented by Buddy's Pot Shop March 1, 2019

Myles Harlow Kahn has a colorful CV — attorney, sports agent, start-up investor, founder and CEO of Buddy’s Pot Shop and Buddy’s Goodies & Glass. An active pursuer of emerging industries, Kahn sees his store as a unique canna-experience celebrating the historical nexus between Music and Marijuana. Buddy’s namesake is Buddy Harlowe, Myles’ grandfather, and a bandleader at The Latin Quarter — one of New York City’s iconic nightclubs dating back to prohibition. The theme of music and marijuana is represented beautifully in his award winning store. Beyond the music vibe, you’ll experience a team of cannabis experts always striving to find the best of the best to bring an affordable price! The Buddy’s team is also medically certified to best serve the needs of medical marijuana patients. Come see the cool cats at Buddy’s and get yourself some great ganja.

425.226.WEED | 420 Sunset BLVD, N — Renton, WA | Open 7 days, 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. | Buddys-WA.com