Launched in 2017 and making its runway debut this past summer, Rossario George is an inclusive, luxury fashion brand that’s pushing the boundaries of the apparel industry. Named after a stylish gentleman ahead of his time, Rossario George has gained an international following in the mere six months since its inception. The Seattle-based fashion company has already been featured in international editions of Vogue and stateside in GQ. From the posh line of cosmetics and extraordinary pieces of homeware to celebrated dresses and sophisticated footwear, Designer Tony Vincente has succeeded in creating a sumptuous lifestyle brand that invites you to touch the divine at a variety of price points.

Eco- and animal-friendly, the Rossario George plant-based cosmetic collection complements a variety of skin tones and a range of tastes. Whether your palette preference lies in not-so-basic neutrals, the subtle blues, greens, and earth tones of the Pacific Northwest, or edgy shades of deep gray and black, these statement-making lip and nail colors provide affordable luxury and the quality you’d expect from a premium line. (Check out their newly released, limited edition holiday collections to secure the perfect gift for that fashionista on your list—or snag a nice reward for yourself.)

Premium accessories are also staples of the Rossario George brand. The posh wrap collection flatters all genders and ages and offers the go-to piece for every season. The versatile garment can be worn casually open, formalized with a sophisticated belt, or even slipped on as an elegant bathing suit cover in the summer. Plus, the accessory line has recently expanded to include comfortable, rock and roll inspired footwear, featuring provocative pieces like studded heels and zippered booties.


Image: Pavel Verbovski 



“Once something strikes me, it stays with me,” says Vincente, who notes a lifelong love of mythology and the influence of ’90s era Versace on his work, invoking images of ancient art combined with a mix of posh patterns and regal colors throughout his collections. Hera, the Queen of Heaven in Greek mythology, plays the pivotal role of muse at Rossario George, as she symbolizes an exemplary combination of power, femininity, and strength. Her name and presence can be seen in everything from a collection of striking red lip colors to the line’s iconic boot—a knee-high neutral emblazoned with a bold logo that offers wearers a luxe take on Emerald City practicality. 

Vincente also noted that Hera’s empowerment was central to his thinking when he first began designing for women. In fact, the daring goddess inspired what has become RG’s signature piece: a flattering, clingy shift with a bold gradated print made to perfectly highlight all the right places on a wide range of bodies. The dress made waves when a model posted a picture of herself in the garment on social media, eliciting a “wow” from her ex and designating the piece henceforth the “Revenge” dress. Be it a head-turning dress or standout home décor, Rossario George has awakened customers’ inner goddesses and cemented itself as the future of Seattle fashion. 


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