From rose quartz rollers and dry brushing to barre classes, the idea of self-care has grabbed our attention and held on for dear life. However, Antonio Spa co-owner Masumi Hill says it’s still tough for people to listen. As a hairdresser and microblading specialist at Antonio Salon downtown (Second and Virginia, to be exact), she said she kept hearing one thing over and over from clients: “They were always telling me they didn’t have time for self-care."

Hill and her business partner Antonio Solimeno saw something missing from the landscape near their salon. “There were no spas in the area that you could go to casually to treat yourself. Most are attached to hotels, or it seems to be a bigger deal to go in,” she says.

They envisioned a sleek, urban space that was open-air and inviting. A space where people could pop in on their lunch break and get a facial or a massage—a quick respite from their hectic lives. “I think it’s very important to just take a break in the middle of the day and do something for yourself. Everything you do for yourself, even if it’s small like a facial, really reflects how you look and how you feel.”

As luck would have it, a space across the street from Antonio Salon came up for lease, and as of February 2018, Antonio Spa has been a space where people can come in and treat themselves—if only for an hour out of the day.

Unwind with a massage or schedule an appointment for a specialty facial, including the star of Antonio’s service menu, the Oxegeneo facial. Think of it as a triple threat against aging, as the treatment involves a machine that exfoliates, oxegenates, and rejuvenates skin all in one, plumping and hydrating your skin with visible results. “It’s an instant glow,” Hill says. Antonio Spa is the only spa in the area that has the Oxegeneo service, and Hill recommends clients come in once a month for regular facials.

Additionally, the Spa offers lash tinting, extensions, and cosmetic tattoos, including microblading, and focuses on making all cosmetic tattoos look as natural as possible. For Hill, it’s all about making her client’s morning routines easier and bringing them joy. “It’s very satisfying to see someone who has no eyebrows or little eyebrows; after it’s done their face just lights up. I love giving people eyebrows. It’s such a big change," she says.

Whether it’s a facial or lash touch up, Antonio Spa is standing by to become a part of your self-care routine. “We want you to feel really relaxed and love your service. Antonio Spa is a bit more casual so it’s easy to come in, get a service done, feel refreshed and not take your whole day to do that. It should just be a part of your routine that you do for yourself.”


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