100 Reasons to Love Seattle

Call us biased, but it’s as easy to dig up reasons to love this city as it is to score gourmet grub on our streets. (Hey, there’s a reason right there…) In fact, we found so many—from our flair for flash mobbery to our kid-friendly

06/14/2010 By Kathryn Robinson, Matthew Halverson, James Ross Gardner, Eric Scigliano, Laura Cassidy, Jessica Voelker, Christopher Werner, Laura Dannen, Tiffany Wan, Judy Naegeli, and Caitlin King

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Material World

Questions for textile artist and menswear designer Michael Cepress.

09/16/2009 By Laura Cassidy

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Close Knit

A conversation with retailers Butch Blum and Kay Smith-Blum.

08/10/2009 By Laura Cassidy

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True to Form

Questions for artist and designer Jonas de Varona, of men and women’s clothing line Meet Me Here.

06/22/2009 By Laura Cassidy

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Street Seen

A conversation with Pike/Pine blogger Jasmine Park about Seattle style.

05/22/2009 By Laura Cassidy


About Face

A conversation with makeup artist Suresh Seneviratne.

03/19/2009 By Laura Cassidy


Dress for Finesse

A conversation with Dee Hewitt, assistant manager, Mario’s women’s department.

01/15/2009 By Laura Cassidy

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London Calling

Questions for Nonie Creme, creative director for Butter London.

01/06/2009 By Laura Cassidy


The Italian Job

Questions for Gian DeCaro of DeCaro Sartoria.

01/04/2009 By Laura Cassidy


Once Upon a Time

Questions for indie folk singer Jamie Spiess.

01/04/2009 By Laura Cassidy

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Top Model

Questions for Terri Morgan, founder and director TCM Models and Talent.

01/03/2009 By Laura Cassidy

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If the Shoe Fits

A conversation with Assaf Ziv, executive creative director for Report Shoes.

12/28/2008 By Laura Cassidy


That ’80s Show

A conversation with Laced Up owners Cassius Belair and Jaycee Coleman.

12/28/2008 By Laura Cassidy


Best of the City 2008

Faced with a place that is busting with “bests,” how do we choose what’s the Best of the City? We focus on the new and the newly discovered—183 shops and services, activities and eateries that offer fresh, exciting viewpoints on the city and force us to d

12/28/2008 With Steve Wiecking, Kathryn Robinson, James Ross Gardner, Leah Finn, Laura Cassidy, Ben Schock, Stefan Durham, Christopher Werner, Roger Brooks, Lee Fehrenbacher, Rachelle Robinett, Sarah Anderson, Kelly Huffman, Erin Pursell, Laura Peach, and Wilson Diehl Edited by Jessica Voelker

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In Living Color

A conversation with Maureen Doherty: legal secretary, Reiki master, and world traveler.

12/27/2008 By Laura Cassidy

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Make Yourself at Home

A conversation with Sheila Mulvihill, cofounder of Plover Organic.

12/20/2008 By Laura Cassidy

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Exile on Main Street

A conversation with Jack Straw co-owner John Richards.

12/18/2008 By Laura Cassidy

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From Russia with Style

A conversation with arts patrons Yelena and Igor Klimenkoff.

12/13/2008 By Laura Cassidy

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Body Electric

A conversation with political pop duo Team Gina.

12/08/2008 By Laura Cassidy