Dumplings for Days

Din Tai Fung's Seattle Location Finally Opens Sunday

U Village's new expansion will soon feature the Taiwanese chain's infamous xiao long bao.

12/27/2013 By Chelsea Lin

Sugar and Spice

5 Baked Goods for Christmas Morning

When you've wakened from a slumber of sugar plums dancing in your head, make sure you have one of these delicious treats on hand for breakfast.

12/20/2013 By Chelsea Lin

So Much Awesome

5 Reasons to Get Excited About 19th and Mercer

Just in time for the holidays—the new home to Tallulah’s, Hello Robin, and Cone and Steiner opens before New Year’s Day.

12/20/2013 By Chelsea Lin

Coming Soon

Four New Restaurants, One Big Space for Revel/Joule Owners

Numbered are the days when you have to go to Lynnwood or Federal Way for good Korean barbecue. Rachel Yang and Seif Chirchi are bringing tabletop grilling—and noodles, ice cream, and beer—to Capitol Hill in 2014.

12/19/2013 By Chelsea Lin

TV Recap

Top Chef New Orleans Episode 11: Giving It the College Try

In which Carrie makes squab look good, broccoli look bad.

12/19/2013 By Chelsea Lin

Lunch Time

Homegrown Lowers Menu Prices and Introduces New SLU Location

With five stores in the area, the sustainable sandwich shop finally has the buying power to drop prices (without dropping the roast pork).

12/17/2013 By Chelsea Lin

Puerco, Please

5 Reasons to Get Excited About La Bodega

It's finally happening — Manu Alfau's Dominican bodega will (likely) open doors on Thursday.

12/16/2013 By Chelsea Lin

TV Recap

Top Chef New Orleans Episode 10: Like Mama Made

In which Carrie gives us a glimpse into her asparagus-foraging past.

12/12/2013 By Chelsea Lin

Opening (and Closing)

El Borracho Gets a New Full-Service Frelard Restaurant In Addition to the Ballard Taqueria

It's out with the Hurricanes and in with the margaritas as Le Bon Ton Roulé closes and reopens (under the same ownership) as El Borracho Del Norte.

12/11/2013 By Chelsea Lin


Chef Tom Black Takes Over at Gourmondo, Opens New Cafe

The well-known chef from Restaurant Bea and Bis on Main is now the head of Gourmondo's catering kitchen, and the man behind the grab-and-go sandwiches at a new Interbay cafe.

12/11/2013 By Chelsea Lin

Hello, Gorgeous

First Look: Chef Jason Stratton's Aragona

The much-loved chef's new downtown restaurant is a knockout, thanks to hand-crafted light fixtures, intricate mosaic work, and a restrained pop of hot pink.

12/09/2013 By Chelsea Lin

Slurpees and Steaks

5 Reasons to Get Excited About Joey Kitchen

A Canadian chain opens its American flagship at U Village, bringing a menu of globally influenced dishes to try out on Seattle's shoppers.

12/06/2013 By Chelsea Lin

Tasty Treats

Volunteer Park Cafe Sets Up Popup for Holiday Shoppers

Owner Ericka Burke says she's using the shop as a test to see if a marketplace should be a permanent fixture in the cafe.

12/05/2013 By Chelsea Lin

TV Recap

Top Chef New Orleans Episode 9: Restaurant Wars

In which Carrie makes chickpea butter, which sounds a lot like hummus.

12/05/2013 By Chelsea Lin

It's Getting Hot in Here...

First Look: Chef Jason Wilson's New Miller's Guild

Crush chef Jason Wilson's new eatery marries breakfast pastries, whole-animal dining, and barrel-aged spirits in a single hotel restaurant.

12/04/2013 By Chelsea Lin

Coming Soon

Mike Easton to Open Pizzeria Gabbiano Next Spring

Il Corvo's chef-owner has a new Pioneer Square project in the works—one that involves meters of Roman-style pizza.

12/03/2013 By Chelsea Lin

Bon Appetit

5 Reasons to Get Excited About Loulay

Much of the kitchen staff is the same, but this Chef in the Hat production is much more than Rover's Part Deux.

12/02/2013 By Chelsea Lin


Now You Can Eat Beecher's Mac and Cheese While Shopping at U Village

Beecher's founder Kurt Dammeier's newest venture, a restaurant named Liam's after his third son, opened today.

11/26/2013 By Chelsea Lin

Farm to Front Porch

New CSA May Replace Your Farmers Market Habit

Farm & Larder's weekly CSA includes eggs, honey, jams, wine, cheese, and more, alongside the requisite fresh, local produce.

11/26/2013 By Chelsea Lin

TV Recap

Top Chef New Orleans Episode 8: Piggin' Out

In which Carrie's hot sauce is too... hot.

11/21/2013 By Chelsea Lin