Personal chef not included.

If you had all the time and money in the world, you could be growing your own veggies, making your own jams, keeping your own chickens, rolling your own pasta. Or, you could be saving your time and spending your money on the new CSA from Bella Luna Farms called Farm & Larder.

The Clearview, Washington, farm recently rolled out a weekly delivery service that includes not only the sort of locally grown produce typical of community-supported agriculture programs but also farm-fresh eggs, small-batch preserves, honey, wine, artisan cheeses, and recipes that incorporate all the goods. Once you sign up, Farm & Larder will stop by weekly to refill the repurposed pine bee box you should really leave on your porch—that sucker is heavy.

Included in the CSA subscription is a summer visit to the picturesque farm—site of seemingly a million Pinterest-worthy weddings—where you can meet the animals, tour the creamery, and be treated to an al fresco supper. We're guessing unseasonably cold fall days on the farm aren't nearly as charming. 

If you can’t commit to a weekly subscription (at $1500 for 12 weeks, it's not cheap), the farm also offers gift boxes: one featuring summer fruit preserves plus wine and cheese, and another called Nonna Pat’s Sunday Supper Box, full of handmade linguine, herbs from the garden, braising greens, family recipe tomato sauce, honey and raspberry jam, ricotta, a lemon-olive oil cake mix, and enough fruits and veggies to round out a huge, beautiful meal. Or, alternately, live off modestly for a few days.

Now, if only they’d deliver Thanksgiving dinner fixings before Thursday.



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