Amazon Attacks! branch Amazon Studios wants to produce your movie. Just be sure to read the fine print.

01/14/2011 By Matthew Halverson


Secrets Forged in Steel

The Seattle Monolith—and its theft—is still a mystery, 10 years later.

12/13/2010 By Matthew Halverson


Naked Hunch

Curt Lew, whose Bellevue-based Emit Technologies makes security equipment, says he and his team have built a less intrusive full-body scanner: the People Portal II.

12/13/2010 By James Ross Gardner


The Facebook Comic

Darren Davis of Vancouver, Washington–based Bluewater Productions releases Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook. But at least one comic book aficionado won’t be championing the graphic novel when it comes out on December 22.



We Got Game

In October, the Internet buzzed with the news that Zynga—the San Francisco video game company responsible for FarmVille and Mafia Wars—will soon open a Seattle office. It’s only a matter of time before updates from these viral game titles start choking up

11/18/2010 By Matthew Halverson


Something Fishy

The state department of ecology announced this past summer that our local waters are unusually contaminated with toxins—and may affect prized freshwater creatures. Dave McBride from the Washington State Department of Health dishes on the fish to avoid.

09/15/2010 By Alexandra Notman


Wiki Geek

WikiLeaks volunteer Jacob Appelbaum, developer for the Tor project and the hacker behind the biggest info breach in recent military history, speaks.

09/15/2010 By Alexandra Notman


The Littlest Arms Dealer

BrickArms creator Will Chapman outfits Legos for World War Wee.

09/15/2010 By Matthew Halverson


Dysfunction Junction

City studies, pedestrian advocates, and roadway experts all note a slew of hazards for the foot-bound at the junction of Rainier Avenue and Martin Luther King Jr. Way.

07/21/2010 By Eric Scigliano


The L Word

In the race to oust three-term U.S. Senator Patty Murray, Dino Rossi is toast. Again.

07/20/2010 By James Ross Gardner


Girls Just Want to Go Green

Seattle’s hottest sustainability blogtress Deanna Duke is no chicken.



Turning Japanese

Seattle’s anime and manga fest Sakura-Con turns 13 this month. What are you wearing?

03/18/2010 By James Ross Gardner


March Sadness

Between 1984 and 2004, Seattle hosted the NCAA men’s basketball tournament nine times. But In the last six years, the Seattle Sports Commission’s shots at bringing back the NCAA finals have hit nothing but air.

02/18/2010 By Matthew Halverson


Hitting a Wall

The seawall holding back Elliott Bay is crumbling. Mayor McGinn wants voters to approve a $241 million bond to restore it before an earthquake hits and a tsunami swallows downtown.


Market Watch

Pending Spree

Something’s hinky in Seattle’s home sales stats. Plus, hot neighborhoods: West Seattle posts four consecutive month-over-month gains in closed sales.

12/14/2009 By Matthew Halverson


Will Work for Quote

City councilmember Tim Burgess is proposing legislation to quiet Seattle’s most persistent penny petitioners.

10/21/2009 By Karen Quinn


The Secret Life of Trash

Lake Washington Girls Middle School student Naomi True had no idea that her science project would be used in Trash Track, the latest study to examine resource management and track the junk journey from dumpster to dump.

10/20/2009 By Rachel Solomon


Checked Out

Seattle Public Library closed for a week this summer. Here’s why you should give a shhhh.



Broken Hoop Dreams

The Seattle Sonics departure from KeyArena still has some fans mourning, but Jason Reid’s documentary Sonicsgate will help fans bid a final farewell.

09/17/2009 By Karen Quinn


Heads Up

While the issue of what to do with the Alaskan Way Viaduct still looms over election day, the more immediate problem is how to protect Seattle residents from fallen debris.

09/17/2009 By Eric Scigliano