Shock to the System

New federal mortgage rules under the Home Valuation Code of Conduct may hurt homeowners more than it helps. Plus, Mukilteo ranks as one of the country’s best small towns.

08/13/2009 By Matthew Halverson



A recap of the media war over the opening of 15th Ave Coffee and Tea.



Nickels Reelection Watch

The August 18 primary will determine which two mayoral candidates will compete for office this fall. Greg Nickels’s chances of making it past the primary threshold are good; City Councilmember Jan Drago and former NBA player James Donaldson are the likely

07/15/2009 By Karen Quinn


Desperately Seeking Susan

Just who is Susan Hutchison, the former KIRO TV news coanchor leading the race to fill Ron Sims’s King County executive post? Her campaign runs on fame, game, connections—and a flash of indignation.

07/14/2009 By John Michael Hood

The Election

Nickels Reelection Watch

Michael McGinn is the only challenger posing a threat to mayor Greg Nickels’s rank as greenest candidate in the November election.

06/22/2009 By Karen Quinn


Get Ready to Rumble

All shook up: Two new seismic studies drawing on the massive rumbling of 1700 indicate an earthquake could shake Seattle sometime soon—which would spell disaster for the city’s fragile skyline.

05/22/2009 By Karen Quinn


Please Re-Lease Me

Businesses are putting pressure on real estate developers and building owners to negotiate sweet real estate deals. Plus, proof that patience pays off: Buyers in various Seattle neighborhoods who waited out the market and got big reductions on quality pro

05/22/2009 By Matthew Halverson


Nickels Reelection Watch

Belltown—a regular hangout for drug addicts, drunks, and bums—has experienced a steady rise in crime. Mayoral candidate Norman Sigler has made cleaning up the neighborhood a priority. Is it a priority for Nickels?



This Room for Rent

If you’re looking for help paying your mortgage, take on a tenant to offset the costs.

04/23/2009 By Matthew Halverson

The Election

Nickels Reelection Watch

Seven separate snowstorms besieged Seattle last December, and despite the fact that icy roads went unsalted, dozens of bus routes were canceled, and snowplows sat idle, Mayor Greg Nickels awarded his agencies a "B" for their performance. Will