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The 10 Best Long Stories about Seattle

We gathered our most recent and favorite longform articles from Seattle Met's award-winning writers.

By Seattle Met Staff

Image: Joseph Laney

Is D.B. Cooper Still on the Run?

Countless lives have been shaped by the pursuit of one measly criminal who made off with $200,000 in 1971. Did he survive jumping out of the airliner he hijacked—and where in Washington did he land? By Allison Williams


Image: Harry Teasley

What Really Happened in CHOP?

Depending on your vantage point, Capitol Hill Occupied Protests was either a revolution deferred, a missed opportunity, a Summer of Love abruptly turned to winter, or a product of craven city leadership. Here, an oral history of CHOP. By Marcus Harrison Green


Image: Pete Ryan

Seattle Has a Weird Legacy of Fasting

What if, instead of eating, you...didn't? For a century, mystics, biohackers, and even one murderous Seattle doctor have sought and sold their own conclusions about fasting. By Stefan Milne


Image: Carson Artac

A Navy Vet’s Miraculous, Indefinite Recovery from Covid-19

He was among the wave of first Covid patients in Washington state, but one Whidbey man endured an ordeal that would stretch into long months of unanswered questions. “I’ve been working on my second life," he says. By Benjamin Cassidy 


Ground Control to Mr. Meline

Rob Meline always dreamed of being an astronaut. He became a teacher instead. When he fell victim to a family secret in October 2012, he became the symbol of a flawed judicial system. What his students did next was out of this world. By James Ross Gardner


What Hockey's Diversity Problem Means for Fans Like Me

Hockey itself became something that mattered, something that made a little Asian girl feel like she belonged. Now some three decades later, are the sport and the Kraken truly welcoming everyone? By Angela Cabotaje


Image: Kyler Martz

The Octopus from Outer Space

Seattle’s most beguiling sea creatures were once feared and hunted—and even wrestled—for sport. But new research and a few surprising encounters are changing how we view them. A story in eight parts. By James Ross Gardner


Image: Brandon Hill

OMFG It’s the PSL!

The pumpkin spice latte got plucked from the dust heap of market research to become a full-fledged fall obsession. Welcome to the definitive history of the PSL. By Allecia Vermillion


Image: David Ryder

A Highway, Divided: What Drives Opposition to I-5’s Uncle Sam Sign?

An enormous billboard, so close to the lanes on northbound I-5 it seems to hover over them. A cartoonish depiction of Uncle Sam, and a slogan that shifts every few months like an alt-right changing of the seasons, like “Freedom is dangerous! Slavery is peaceful!” Obviously, not everyone's a fan. By Zoe Sayler


Image: Kin Lok

A Son Rises in the West

Twenty years ago a Seattle boy moved to Nepal after being recognized as the reincarnation of a revered Tibetan lama. The public’s reaction to his mother’s decision to let him go says as much about our understanding of parenting as it does about Buddhism. By Matthew Halverson

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