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Alex Crick Wanders the Globe for Snow Globes

This software test engineer and freelance photographer started collecting on a whim. Then it snowballed.

By Angela Cabotaje Photography by Chona Kasinger December 23, 2022

Alex Crick's hobby is so well-known, he had a snow globe as his wedding cake topper. The snow globe–themed painting? Made and gifted to him by his sister.

spin an actual globe, and chances are you'll land on a destination that Alex Crick has immortalized in a snow globe. His world-spanning collection of glass, water, ceramic, and sometimes plastic manifests in viking ships (Iceland), bald eagles (Alaska...and Denver), cherry blossoms (Japan), dolphins (Florida), and so many buildings.

It all got rolling in 2000. "I just started collecting them because I thought it would be fun," Crick says. "Then it got to the point where we're going to more places and picking up more snow globes, and friends brought me more snow globes, and it ended up, you know, I have a collection of them."

Crick doesn't keep track but estimates his snow globes number in the hundreds now. He's quickly running out of shelf space. "Some of them are actually stacked on top of other ones at the moment because I'm running out of spots." But does he think he'll ever stop? "There's always more places to visit."

On his snow globe criteria

"Usually the best place to find snow globes is actually in an airport. Airport gift shops are notorious for that sort of thing."

"I try to go for the one that I find the most interesting. Whichever one is the cheesiest is usually the one that I get because those are the more interesting and decorative ones. And sometimes, you know, you don't have a choice.... The cheesier the better is what I always say."

On recalling and making memories

"I look at them and shake them around every once in a while. A lot of them are associated with people or memories. Each place kind of tells a little story."

"I remember going to Scotland, and I went with my nieces. I think the oldest one was 10 at that point, and the youngest one was about four or three. They want to do what the uncle was doing, and so they all got snow globes of their own. I thought that was pretty cute. Now they all have their own little Scotland snow globes."

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