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The Mariners' Playoff Game Times Aren't Very West Coast–Friendly

It's basically a city holiday on Friday, at least.

By Benjamin Cassidy October 5, 2022

Mariners outfielder Mitch Haniger grimaces with a batting helmet on.

Same, Mitch Haniger. Same.

As you may have heard, the Mariners are finally back in the playoffs. But MLB is giving Seattle a rather rude "welcome back" after 21 years.

Today the league announced game times for the squad's American League Wild Card series against the Toronto Blue Jays, and they are not very West Coast–friendly.

On Friday, the Mariners will square off against Toronto in Canada at 1:07pm PST. That's the scheduled opening pitch for Saturday's game at Rogers Centre, too. On Sunday, if the series lasts that long, the teams will start even earlier—at 11:07am.

There are some silver linings here. The Friday afternoon game means it's basically a city holiday (sorry, bosses). And early games mean less time to sit around and fret about how good this squad will really be under postseason pressure.

But we've managed to wait this long. It would've been nice (and fairer) to give the Mariners a little more time to adjust to a different time zone, especially since T-Mobile Park won't host any games unless the team advances past Toronto, thanks to a new playoff wrinkle this year.

There will, however, be a watch party at the stadium for every game. And you can bet bars and restaurants in the vicinity will have the volume cranked up on the ESPN broadcasts. You'll just have to rally early to nab seats.

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