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How Long Has It Been Since the Mariners Made the Playoffs?

Spoiler alert: Some guy named Ichiro still played here.

By Lucas Kaplan October 1, 2021


The Seattle Mariners are tantalizingly close to making the playoffs. With just three games left in the regular season, they're currently in a perilous tie with Boston for the second American League wild card spot. Yes, we’re a long, possibly tiebreaker-dependent way from actually staying alive deep into October. But this year could maybe (hopefully?) be the year—the year that finally allows the Mariners to buck 20 years of "lovable loser" status and move on. Because Seattle certainly has.


Seattle's population has grown 30 percent over the last two decades.
Then: 563,374 people (2000 census)
Now: 737,015 (2020 census)


We've had seven different mayors. SEVEN. Is it even a good job?
Then: Paul Schell
Now: Jenny Durkan

Basketball Teams

We mourn the Supersonics and bow at Sue Bird's feet.
: 2
Now: 1 (not to mention a hockey team)

Light Rail Stations

Then: 0
Now: 19 (when the Northgate extension opens October 2)

Books in the 50 Shades of Grey Franchise

We're not knocking the romance genre as a whole. Just these ones.
Then: 0
Now: 6

Median Home Price

The Office of Financial Management has been keeping tabs on the housing market's meteoric rise.
Then: $179,000
Now: $452,400

Whether you think things have gotten better or worse over the past 20 years—the Mariners certainly haven’t—very little is the same. But with the M's last postseason run only a faint memory, perhaps this weekend can bring it back in full force. We're feeling a little nostalgic after all.

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