Not so extreme this time.

When it's news that there was an earthquake, that is a good thing. Nisqually needed no announcement 20 years ago, and some day, The Big One won't either.

Yesterday's minor rumble south of Seattle, however, required some amplification from Seismograph Twitter to make it on anyone's radar. Early Tuesday afternoon, the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network reported a 2.78-magnitude earthquake, with a depth of about 18 miles, near White Center. "Some folks may have felt some shaking but no damage is expected," the organization, which is jointly operated by the University of Washington and University of Oregon, tweeted.

"Some" may have been overstating it. Comment sections filled with "didn't feel it" notes, and the minor tremor didn't even move ShakeAlert, which is apparently only impressed when a quake registers at least 4.5 on the Richter scale.

Which might be fair; anything below that is considered "minor." But let yesterday's baby quake serve as a reminder to be prepared in case a real disaster strikes around here.

If you did (or did not) happen to feel something yesterday, let PNSN know here.


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