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A Very Serious List of Candidates for Seattle Mayor

City Hall chair swapping? Boring. Let's have some fun in 2021.

By Seattle Met Staff December 8, 2020

Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll has never been afraid to run (right, Russ?).

On Monday Seattle mayor Jenny Durkan announced via video that she would not seek reelection in 2021. It's not hugely surprising. While 2020 has been rough on everyone, it's been a doozy for Durkan. She's faced criticism from factions of both the right and left for her handling of the CHAZ and Black Lives Matter protests. And then, of course, there's the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the health and economic crisis that Durkan cited as the reason for her bow-out. "I could spent the next year campaigning to keep this job or focus all my energy on doing the job," she said in the video.

In forgoing a run for a second term, Durkan becomes the third straight Seattle mayor to serve in that position for four years or less. City council members M. Lorena González and Teresa Mosqueda have already been floated as possible contenders for the job. But we at Seattle Met feel that mounting campaigns for less conventional candidates is far more fun than weighing in on potential City Hall chair swapping. Here are our Very Serious nominations.

Angela Dunleavy-Stowell

Co-captaining a restaurant group is a good proxy for the unrelenting slog of running a city, and her current role as CEO of FareStart means she’s already entrenched in Seattle’s fight against poverty and homelessness. Most of all, she’s a dead ringer for Robin Wright in House of Cards, so I bet she’d rock a power suit. — Allecia Vermillion, editor in chief

Pete Carroll

Because 8-4 is a middling record in the NFC West but would be considered a historic winning streak in Seattle City Hall. — Allison Williams, deputy editor

MacKenzie Scott

If Seattle’s elected officials want to take their power back from the city’s most monied interest, they should throw their support behind the one individual who has proven herself powerful enough to stand up to Jeff Bezos and win: novelist and world’s richest woman, MacKenzie Scott (formerly MacKenzie Bezos). We don’t love the idea of a billionaire candidate, but at least she helped redistribute some of that wealth. And unless she extends her anti-bullying work into the hallowed halls of Seattle politics, she’s probably the closest we’ll get to busting his balls. New official mayor’s residence, anyone? — Zoe Sayler, digital editor

Sue Bird

After three short mayoral terms, we could use some stamina in that office. Who better than someone who has dominated in three different decades, both on and off the court? No, I'm not advocating for Storm star Sue Bird to hang up her sneaks just yet. This nomination hinges on the future Hall of Famer returning for her 18th season in 2021 and leading the Storm to a third title in four years. That would be a campaign I could get behind. — Benjamin Cassidy, associate editor

Kyle MacLachlan

Everybody knows Portlandia’s Mayor is actually from Washington. Sure, MacLachlan's leader was totally incompetent, but people liked him, right? That’d be nice. — Stefan Milne, arts editor

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