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5 Reasons to Attend GeneroCity 2020

Behold, the persuasive powers of prizes and tax breaks.

By Seattle Met Staff December 3, 2020

A city full of philanthropic possibilities.

Seattle Met's GeneroCity returns December 8; this time around our annual showcase of local nonprofits is all virtual (and free). Attendees can learn about ways to give all throughout December, at any time of day, thanks to the wonders of technology. Need more reasons? Okay, then!

1. You had a good year.

There’s a significant dichotomy happening in the city right now; some workers are riding out the pandemic on Zoom, working via laptop for financially stable companies; others are trying to fend off devastation. Folks in the former camp looking for ways to give back can “meet” a host of nonprofits doing important work to bring Seattle into a brighter, healthier, and housed future. It all starts with our panel discussion Tuesday, December 8 at noon.

2. You had an adequate year.

Classrooms. Family gatherings. Air travel. This year stripped away so many aspects of life. And while none of this has been great, it also shines a giant spotlight on what really matters—and how much we truly have just by being healthy and sheltered. If you want to put this newfound perspective into action, even if you don’t have a ton of cash to contribute, GeneroCity will illuminate various ways you can get involved in the community. A pair of brief nonprofit highlights on Thursday, December 10 (aka two cool little videos we’ll air at noon and 3:30) will offer introductions to some organizations doing important work in Seattle.

3. We made this very easy.

Have you sat through your fair share of too-long, tech-hobbled, or otherwise awkward virtual events? So have we. That’s why we reworked this year’s GeneroCity to make sense as a virtual event. Our events are brief and focused (and free), our platform is cool and high tech, and our panel moderator, Poison Waters, is entertaining as all get-out.

4. Let’s be real—it’s a tax break.

Tis the season for some last-minute financial planning; if you’d like to make some donations to help level things out, this is a quick and efficient (and dare we say, fun) way to find an organization you want to support.

5. Oh, yeah…prizes!

Attending is free, and everyone who registers is entered to win a host of prizes from local shops and restaurants, plus a weekend staycation. Every time you ask questions at the panel or engage with a nonprofit in one of our fancy virtual booths (that will be up for most of December) you’ll be entered once again.

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