When the Space Needle found a time capsule from 1982 during its construction two years ago, it discovered all sorts of nostalgic goods: World’s Fair art from 1962, menus, really cheap observation deck tickets, plus letters, photos, and drawings from employees. Now that the iconic landmark’s management has decided to bury another time capsule, which will be opened on the Needle’s centennial on April 21 of 2062, they've taken a different approach to determine which items will make the cut.

The Space Needle is having a contest for folks to submit what they think the time capsule should hold. Six items will be chosen, so fill out your submissions by September 13. One winner will be announced each month until the tube o’ memories is closed up and sent off on October 21. 

Five items are already capsule-bound: former Seahawk Walter Jones's Super Bowl prediction, notes from Pearl Jam on fighting homelessness, some stamps, a share of Amazon stock, and a few other secret additions. While the predetermined items are pretty great, here are some material placeholders that we think should be stashed away to represent our generation.

1. An iPhone X. Do you remember what the classic Nokia mobile phone looked like? Exactly. Who knows what at-your-fingertips tech will present itself in 43 years. 

2. Used gum. Specifically a piece of gum freshly peeled off the gum wall. Gross, but iconic.

3. A list of our current Top 40 hits. We can either reflect on our poor choices as music consumers or prove to younger generations one day that, yes, we did actually listen to this stuff, and no, Ariana and Bieber were not considered ironic and vintage.

4. Tickets from the last Mariners game before Safeco Field got doused in pink.

5. A democracy voucher. While we don't know what the state of our government will be in the future, one thing we do know is how good it feels to be free. (And to directly contribute to decision-making in politics, we guess.)

6. Some top-shelf cannabis. Maybe we'll go through a pot prohibition, or maybe our stashes will just keep getting more and more dank. Either way, having evidence of the evolution of the herb would be pretty lit.

7. A bottle of Elysian's glitter beer. No questions asked. 

8. Printed collection of Trump tweets. (Just in case the revisionist history books botch things up.)

9. A lock of hair plucked straight from Tom Douglas's curly, James Beard–winning mane.

10. A chunk of asphalt so the memory of the Viaduct can live on forever. (RIP)

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