From left to right, Renée Cheng, Craig Jelinek, Lizzo, Chris Pratt, and MacKenzie Bezos.

Image: David Wilson

Renée Cheng

The design educator just became UW’s new dean of the College of Built Environments—could this Minnesota transplant find an affordable abode of her own?

Craig Jelinek

The Costco CEO announced opening up shop in Shanghai. China’s largest city, behold the largest store ever built for a $1.50 food court hot dog.


She brings her flute trills to the Showbox SoDo on April 28, where the self-loving rapper will, per her own mantra, be good as hell.

Chris Pratt

The Washington-raised actor, ahem Star-Lord, claimed a blue ribbon from WSU for his ewe’s outstanding fiber. Not all heroes wear capes—they wear wool, too.

MacKenzie Bezos

This accomplished novelist’s divorce from the Amazon CEO could make her richer than Oprah. Jeff, can you Prime Now those divorce papers?