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Like the rest of Seattle, the University of Washington has faced relentless growth. And, like the city it calls home, it’s quickly preparing for more. In December, after months of negotiations, the Seattle City Council approved a plan that allows for about 8,000 more people on campus by 2028. Brace yourself.

"It’s our job to do the best that we can to plan out the university’s future and to not plan in a crisis.”
—Sally Clark, University of Washington director of regional and community relations

UW Master Plan by the Numbers

$4.5 million The university's cost to create the plan.

80,479 UW’s predicted total population come 2028.

6 million Additional square feet to be added, equivalent to roughly eight Macy’s buildings.

240 feet Maximum height allowed at some potential building sites, equivalent to about 22 stories.

What About Affordable Housing?

After pressure from Seattle council members and activists, UW volunteered to provide 450 units of affordable housing aimed to serve lower income staff and faculty.

  • 300 units for those making up to 80% of median area income

  • 150 units for those making up to 60% of median area income

A Plan in the Making

It took years for the university to develop its plan and get the final green light from the city.

April 2016: UW files a notice of intent to prepare a master plan.

October 2016: UW releases a draft.

July 2017: UW issues a final version.

January 2018: Seattle hearing examiner supports approving the plan, with 56 recommended conditions.

July 2018: Seattle City Council's Planning, Land Use, and Zoning Committee holds a hearing with UW representatives.

September 2018: Council members begin discussions of legislation to approve the plan.

December 2018: Seattle City Council unanimously approves the plan.

Prepare for a Population Boom

842 New faculty members

5,180 New students

1,934 New staff members

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