Allisa Song

The former UW researcher co-invented the Nanodropper, a more efficient eyedropper to combat the scourge of medical waste. No small drop in the healthcare bucket.

Angela Stowell

The only way the Ethan Stowell Restaurants cofounder—with 16 restaurants—could have a broader impact: Become CEO of restaurant training nonprofit FareStart. Done.

Paul Ferry

His Byrnie Utz Hats is being ousted from the downtown location where it has sold caps since 1934. That sound you hear is a thousand exposed comb overs flapping in the wind.

Denise Juneau

The new Seattle Schools superintendent—first Native American to hold the position—gets an apple (and a $30k bonus) if she sticks it out 5 years. School starts Sept 6.

Lisa Prank

The Seattle musician spatted online with Tesla’s Elon Musk after his unattributed use of her dad’s art of a unicorn passing gas. Proof Musk should stick to zero emissions.

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