Housing and Homelessness

A History of Homelessness in Seattle

#SEAHomeless is raising awareness to Seattle's homeless problem. Here's a history of the past 12 years.

By Hayat Norimine June 28, 2017

Back in 2005, King County had a plan to end homelessness in 10 years.

Twelve years later, it's far from over. News organizations in Seattle and beyond raised awareness to the homelessness problem on Wednesday with great new content highlighting everything from the Women in Black to the landlords' role in finding a solution.

The interactive timeline below gives you a history of some of the big news that's happened in Seattle since 2005—for one thing, it helps you follow along the One-Night Count (now known as the Point-in-Time Count) throughout the years and how much it's grown. 

Gloria blue homeless west seattle ia5n4f

Gloria moved from Chicago to Seattle in 1992. As of 2015, after years on the streets—and with the help of Hohlbein’s network of donors and advocates at Noel House—she lived in an apartment in West Seattle. 

Image: Rex Hohlbein


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