Mayor's Race 2017

21 Candidates Running for Mayor? Better Vote This Year

A small percentage difference can make or break a campaign.

By Hayat Norimine May 22, 2017

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For those who thought filing week would end with at least one or two fewer mayoral candidates, May 19 came as a bit of a shock—21 candidates are now running for mayor. 

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Screen shot of the mayoral candidate filings. 

The implications of that? Name recognition will go a long way in this race for confused voters; former mayor Mike McGinn has an advantage, even if campaign contributions might make you think otherwise. (He's only raised about $11,000, according to the PDC.)

While state legislators Jessyn Farrell and Bob Hasegawa also have some notoriety among their constituents, that may not carry citywide; they're at a disadvantage given that they both can't raise any money toward their campaigns, making it more difficult for them to spread the word about their candidacies. Social justice activist and attorney Nikkita Oliver, who entered the race early, will also hold some sway especially among millennials; the $34,000 she's reported so far includes nearly 600 contributions of less than $100.

Durkan seems to already have the financial advantage; her campaign reports raising $100,000 just a week after she announced her run.

But the large number of candidates also means anybody has a chance to make it through the August 1 primary—a small percentage can make the difference and more than ever, it'll depend on who comes out to vote.  

The 32nd District Democrats this weekend endorsed urban planner and civic activist Cary Moon, Hasegawa, and McGinn for mayor and Teresa Mosqueda for the city council position eight seat. 

Farrell, a former director of the Transportation Choices Coalition, has been endorsed by council member Rob Johnson, King County council member Rod Dembowski, lieutenant governor Cyrus Habib, state auditor Pat McCarthy, and four state representatives. Council member Kshama Sawant endorsed Oliver, and council member Sally Bagshaw endorsed Durkan. 

Labor groups will hold some clout on their endorsements—and it's likely going to come down to Durkan, Farrell, or Hasegawa (who was a Teamsters leader before he became a state representative).

Updated May 22, 2017, at 8:47am. This post corrects 32nd District Democrats's endorsements to include Hasegawa and McGinn.

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