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Seattle mayor Ed Murray’s attorney at a press conference April 11, 2017.

Seattle mayor Ed Murray's defense attorney Bob Sulkin at a Tuesday evening press conference declared to the press that "there is no mole"—a detail described by the man suing Murray on grounds of child rape—releasing Murray's physical exam from his personal doctor and calling it the "crux" of the accuser's allegations.

The attorney of the man suing Murray, Lincoln Beauregard, quickly issued a statement in response and said Sulkin's "latest strategy is victim blaming."

"This is game-changing," Sulkin said. "This is the heart of the allegations, and they’re false. The complaint is meritless and now proven to be assumption."

Sulkin said other details listed in the complaint, like Murray's phone number or apartment, doesn't prove he had any of the illicit sex that was claimed. 

A 46-year-old Kent man—known by his initials “D.H.”—sued the Seattle mayor last week, alleging that Murray paid him for intercourse and sexual acts starting at the age of 15 (in 1986). 

In a statement Beauregard questioned why it took Murray days after his press conference to say the mole didn't exist and why he hired his own doctor. He also criticized the mayor for using campaign funds for the case and called for him to "step aside."

"The public should please understand that D.H. is not running for office," Beauregard wrote. "He is planning to win this lawsuit on the merits in due time. After the trial, in April of 2018, [the] jury is likely to confirm that this city's mayor is a serial child molester."

The physical exam released to the press said there were "no dermatologic lesions such as a mole, freckle, or keratosis present on the penis or scrotum. No scars or evidence of prior surgery or dermatologic procedures."

Sulkin again questioned the timing of the lawsuit and said the former accusers were connected to an antigay organization, though he didn't elaborate on which organization he was referring to. He then said, "We don’t know who the current accuser is. I believe we’ll find that out."

Beauregard said Sulkin hasn't responded to his offer to depose D.H., and the "invitation to the mayor and his clever lawyers to immediately confront our client under oath remains open, and unanswered."

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