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A Belated 2016 Year in Review

Good on paper, but ... and other takeaways from 2016

By Josh Feit January 6, 2017

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This is egregiously late for a 2016 year in review, but I just couldn't get the PubliCola brain trust together and drinking until this week. Here's what we came up with.

1. Mayor's Boldest Move: Unfunding the Neighborhood District Councils

2. Mayor's Weakest Move: Homeless Encampment Task Force

3. Mayor's TBD Move: Homeless Encampments

4. Good on Paper, Bad in Action:  Joe McDermott for U.S. Congress

5. Most Memorable Phrase: "Block the Bunker!"

6. Least Memorable: The Mike O'Brien Recall

7. Good on Paper, Good in Action: Light rail expansion

8. Most Insufferable: Bernie Sanders supporters

9. Most Delusional: Hillary Clinton supporters

10. Person of Privilege Award. It's a tie: I-732 (faux carbon measure) supporters, 405-tolling detractors (i.e., Mercer Island SOV drivers)

11. Bad on Paper, Bad in Action: Chris Vance for U.S. Senate

12. Only in Seattle: An ethics scandal about bike share!

13. Best Outcome: Transgender Bathroom Bill

14. Best Outcome: Transgender Bathroom Initiative Signature Drive

15.  I'm sensing a Theme: Firing Lynn Peterson, the Backlash Against the City Council Sonics Vote, and That Election

16. A Theme for 2017: A pro-choice state senator (Lisa Wellman) instead of a faux-choice state senator (Steve Litzow)

17. Terrible on Paper, Best in Action: Donald Trump campaign

18. The Best Laid Plans... : Brady Walkinshaw

19. On a Roll: Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson

20. Best Campaign: Peter Goldman for Commissioner of Public Lands

21. Best Campaign Really: I-1433, State Minimum Wage

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