In a send up of the sexist response that the five female members of the Seattle city council got this month for being the five votes against the SoDo arena, TBS political comedy show Full Frontal with Samantha Bee broadcast a segment on—"those seaport loving ladies... the sweethearts of stevedores...the savers of shipping jobs...the Seattle Seawards..." ...  The Seawards...Get it? C-word.

Bee, who also called out male chauvinists for not supporting the real Seattle professional basketball team, the Storm, introduced basketball's newest starting five:

Screen shot 2016 05 17 at 6.03.40 am rachls
Screen shot 2016 05 17 at 6.04.01 am o6fbn1
Screen shot 2016 05 17 at 6.04.36 am cdznol
Screen shot 2016 05 17 at 6.05.26 am eykmic
Screen shot 2016 05 17 at 6.06.14 am tuf00r


Watch it: 

P.s. Can't say we didn't warn you. When PubliCola endorsed Herbold last year, we had this to say: "Oh, and she’s still suspicious of stadium deals. It’ll be good to have Herbold’s voice and fastidious fact-checking on council when the SoDo deal is placed back on the front burner. 'I don’t think it’s a good deal. I think there’s still too much public money in it,' Herbold says candidly."

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