Denny regrade 2 p1qadz

OG Denny Regrade, circa 1908.


“We had been calling the area Regrade internally for a while, though it wasn’t very high on the official list of names to be considered. But in meetings with Amazon and community members, when we threw all these things on the wall, we all ended up gravitating to it. It’s what the neighborhood was; why change?”  —John Savo, NBBJ principal in charge of Amazon's Doppler project


“As illustrated by the many maps in my office, neighborhoods have changed over the years, and their names reflect that evolution. If community members embrace Denny Regrade, I am all for that. It honors history while providing a distinct identity that says who they are.” —Kathy Nyland, Director of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods


“When the city finished regrading Denny Hill in 1930, the idea was that business would move into this new flat landscape—it only took 70 years for that to happen. This lets people make a connection back to the original story. It’s mind boggling what we did there; no other city in the country was doing anything like that.” —David B. Williams, Author of Too High and Too Steep: Reshaping Seattle's Topography

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