At a King County Council regional policy committee hearing on racial equity and using diversions in the juvenile justice system last week, Auburn City Council member Bill Peloza asked if there was a "white paper" on the issue.

Kent Mayor Suzette Cooke then jokes: "Or a black paper...or a brown paper," eliciting polite and nervous laughter from the presenters, including Dr. LeTania Severe, a research analyst at the superior court, who's African American. The main speaker in the video clip below, seated next to Severe and outlining the problems affecting African American youth, is David Chapman from the county's office of performance, strategy, and budget.

I have a call in to Cooke and  regional policy committee member and King County Council member Larry Gossett, a longtime civil rights leader.

If the clip below doesn't work just go to the 36:20 mark in this video of the whole hearing.

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