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Illustrations: Charlie Powell

Candice Lastimado

This February the West Seattle Metropolitan Market clerk will flex her produce packing skills at the National Grocers Association Best Bagger Competition. Eggs on top, Candice!

Daniel Lyon

After suffering severe burns during last summer’s Twisp fire, Lyon says it’s hard to believe he’s alive. It’s hard for us to believe the strength he has shown while making his recovery.

Erin Hennessey

Among the voices protesting KUOW’s purchase of KPLU, Hennessey’s was one of the loudest. KPLU’s news director knows that when it comes to media mergers, no news is good news.

Joel McHale

After wrapping up The Soup in December, he’s coming home for a night of standup. Silly to hope he’ll announce that long-rumored Community movie? (Paramount Theatre, Feb 19)

The Hulk

Hulk come to Seattle for Marvel Universe Live. Hulk practice lines in mirror but keep messing up. Hulk smash mirror! Hulk still better than pretty boy Captain America. (KeyArena, Feb 19–21)

Amber Tamblyn

Tamblyn—yes, the one from General Hospital fame—is touring with her poetry collection, Dark Sparkler. So…how about you don’t ask for an update on Luke and Laura, okay? (Town Hall, Feb 10)