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People of Seattle were not on their best behavior this year. Here's a year in review, framed as a list of this year's top transgressions.

Here is 2015 explained by the Seven Deadly Sins. 

WRATH: The Seattle Times

The Seattle Times played the role of curmudgeon this year, huffing and puffing against the city's transportation package and an original mayoral proposal to rezone single family zones. Hilariously, their argument against the plan to put more density in SFZs relied in part on their argument that the city didn't have the transportation infrastructure to support it. Um...

Anyway, their posturing as Seattle's version of the populist New York Post was apparently out of sync with the actual sentiment on the ground when it came to voters. Prop. 1, the popular $930 million transportation levy, passed big and voters rejected the antiurbanist candidates at this year’s ballot box.  

ENVY: Mayor Ed Murray

It's clear he doesn’t like her, but here’s why. Mayor Murray, who loses sleep fretting over his role as “the Man,” is envious of Kshama Sawant’s starring role as the champion of Seattle’s left.

SLOTH: State Legislature

Why haven’t they funded McCleary yet? After three sessions under a court order—and now four months in contempt of court with a $100,000 fine per day—they still haven't fully funded K–12 education; they're about $5 billion short still because they've refused to pay teachers adequately.

LUST: Brady Walkinshaw

Having first been appointed to his gig as a state representative in December 2013, and now having served in the legislature for a grand total of two years, freshman Olympia legislator Walkinshaw has decided to go after superliberal veteran U.S. representative Jim McDermott’s seat.

 GLUTTONY: Single Family Homeowners

The nerve of the mayor’s affordable housing committee to suggest that reserving 65 percent of the city for single family homeowners and their very own parks was an unsustainable policy.


Despite it all, they refuse to acknowledge that their tunnel is a fiasco. Give it up guys.

GREED: Troy Kelley

Facing 17 felony charges, Democratic state auditor Kelley, is still refusing to step down. That may seem more emblematic of pride. But the sin at the root of it all— the federal charges include tax evasion and money laundering—is clearly greed.

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