5) "Unburied: The Secrets of a Deadly Mount Baker Avalanche" by Allison Williams

A snow slide on a Cascade volcano engulfed four young men in a torrent of ice and snow. Almost 30 years later, the mountain gave something back.

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4) "Crazy Freaking Castoffs: An Oral History of the Mariners' 1995 Season" by Matthew Halverson

The untold story of the season that saved Seattle baseball

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3) "Tony Wheat Has Been Sorry for So Long" by James Ross Gardner

A three-time murderer happens to be the most reformed prisoner in the system. Can we forgive Washington's longest incarcerated inmate?

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2) "Dick Cantwell's Beer Is Immortal" by Allecia Vermillion

He was the sole nay vote in Elysian Brewing's sale to Anheuser-Busch. Now the brewer's legacy is at the center of the battle for the soul of Seattle beer. 

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 1) "The Brief, Extraordinary Life of Cody Spafford" by Allecia Vermillion

Cody Spafford found both solace and redemption in the kitchen of Seattle's most celebrated restaurant. What turned a promising chef into a bank robber?

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