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Herbold Pulls Ahead by 27 Votes in West Seattle Cliff Hanger

Lefty trend finally nudges Herbold ahead of Braddock in latest vote count.

By Josh Kelety November 13, 2015

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As expected, in the latest ballot drop this afternoon in West Seattle's District One race, Lisa Herbold, aide to outgoing veteran lefty city council member Nick Licata, pulled ahead of her opponent, Shannon Braddock (former aide to Democratic King County Council member Joe McDermott).

Herbold, behind on election night by 733 votes but predicted to catch up as later (leftier) votes came in, now leads Braddock by 27 votes. Two days ago, Braddock was winning by six votes, though that margin widened yesterday when Braddock picked up 12.

Continuing her previous trend (which stalled yesterday), Herbold took 53 percent of the 683 ballots counted today to Braddock’s 46 percent. Herbold’s current cumulative total is 12,371 votes (49.73 percent overall), just ahead of Braddock’s 12,344 (49.62 percent overall).

Meanwhile, in Southeast Seattle's District Two race race, food justice activist Tammy Morales took in the majority of this latest batch (55 percent), narrowing the margin between her and incumbent Bruce Harrell to 357 votes, compared to yesterday’s 424 difference. But Harrell still leads with 50.84 percent with Morales at 48.92 percent.

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