This past summer we invited nonprofits and Seattle Met readers to nominate individuals and organizations in 13 categories, explaining to us how and why the nominees deserve recognition. Entries were vetted by a selection committee, which chose winners based on the impact they have on the community and how well they meet the challenges of their missions. The award recipients were honored at a special ceremony at Canlis restaurant on October 20, cohosted by Mark Canlis with Seattle Met and SagaCity Media president and founder Nicole Vogel.

The selection committee included the Seattle Foundation’s CEO Tony Mestres, vice president and director of communications Mary Grace Roske—who also helped spread the word among the many nonprofits the foundation supports—and Youth Grantmaking Board member Chloe McGill, as well as Seattle Met’s editor in chief James Ross Gardner, senior editor Allison Williams, and associate editor Darren Davis. 

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