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By Atoosa Moinzadeh June 25, 2015

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For Today

Challenges to China's Economic Future

A recent economic downturn in China has economists questioning how long the county will remain a superpower. Join former U.S. Treasury Secretary and Dealing with China author Henry Paulson as he examines the history of the country’s rapid economic rise, how it’s maintaining its status, and why its current economic system has an expiration date. 

Challenges to China's Economic Future, Thu, June 25, 7:30pm, Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5

For Friday

Meaningful Movies Presents: 'Fresh'

Farmers, thinkers and business people across America are re-inventing our food system. Fresh takes a look at issues such as food contamination, environmental pollution, the depletion of natural resources, and what's being done to change the agriculture industry. 

Coordinated by Shannon Markley, this Meaningful Movies screening is followed by discussion. You can RSVP by calling 206-297-0875.

Meaningful Movies Presents: Fresh, Fri, June 26, 1pm, Meaningful Movies Greenwood, 525 N 85th St, Free with RSVP

Advance Notice for June 29

Gaza, and the Future of Israeli Politics

Investigative journalist Max Blumenthal will share his experiences on the ground in Gaza Monday evening, focusing on the July 8, 2014 Israeli air strike attacks.

Discussing the history of violence in Gaza, he’ll talk about details often overlooked by the mainstream media. Don’t miss this critical international politics lecture where  motives, war crimes, and U.S. involvement are all on Blumenthal's agenda

Gaza, and the Future of Israeli Politics, Mon, June 29, 7:30pm, Town Hall Seattle, 1119 Eighth Ave, $5


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